Stevie & Samie

Meet Stevie and Sammie.

Rabbits are probobly the most neglected and abused pet, often bought from pet shops or breeders who have only profit in mind, they offer no or poor advice and some owners don’t do their research, often keeping solitary, unvaccinated, unneutered rabbits in tiny cages, not here!

These boys were found in the wild, they have no doubt been dumped, had they not been found they would not have survived very long. They are both unneutered, sexually mature males fight and this pair are riddled with infected bites and wounds, where they have been left to fight each other and wounds left untreated.

They are now safe, they are living apart, they have been assessed, treated, vaccinated and will be neutered next week, they will then be looking for a life-long home with other rabbits in a group or each with a vaccinated female. Their treatment will cost will exceed £400.

In 2023 we have to turn away over 500 rabbits, please never breed or buy when there are so many animals wanting a caring, life-long loving home.

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