Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits

A new year and sadly little has changed in the volume of requests we received to take in pets. Please always consider rehoming rescued pets over pets shops and breeders driven by money. Only when pets in rescues are offered a home, does this create a space to allow another to be rescued.

In 2023 we turned away over 2,000 pets, in January of 2014, we have allready had to turn away more rabbits in January alone, than were rehomed in the whole of 2023.

We currently have 16 rabbits in our care, see thier cute little faces here. Four will remain with us due to their age, 12 are seeking life-long homes, some have been with us for over 6 months.

Unlike breeders, our rabbits are all vaccinated and neutered before adoption, we carry out home checks to ensure accommodation is suitable , we never rehome solitary rabbits and always offer advice and support.

The average cost to us to rescue a rabbit is £180

Please contact us drectly if you would like to consider offering a life-long home to rabbits.

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