R.I.P. Herbie

We are very sad to announce that we have had to say goodbye to our gentle giant Herbie, the dairy bull we rescued some nine years ago and hand reared.

Yesterday morning Dee Dee, one of the herd was mooing and mooing, she was trying to attract our attention, something wasn’t right, she wanted to tell us that Herbie was down and could not get up.

We did our very best to save him, we managed to lift our 1,200Kg boy with our tractor and slings, we got him to his feet but he just could not stand, with our vet present, we all agreed it was time to let him go and he was peacefully euthanised, he slipped away being cuddles and kissed as we cried and let our boy go. With big cows like Herbie, there is huge effort needed to stand with around 300Kg on each leg so any injury to them might be minor in any other animal but not to such a huge boy.

We have to be positive, he was a calf when rescued and due to be killed only hours old, but we saved him, hand reared him and gave him nine years living in a 12 acre field with his mates and his adoring fans.

R.I.P. Herbie.

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