R.I.P Harry

It’s certainly been an emotionally challenging week for us all, after losing Boris late Saturday night, we have now had to say goodnight to Harry yesterday.

Harry came to us from Little Pigs at Home Animal Sanctuary, he is a commercial pig who had been abandoned by a farmer who’d moved on leaving Harry to fend for himself. Little Pigs at Home Animal Sanctuary rounded him up and brought to us. We had him castrated and whilst healthy, he lived very happily in a large enclosure with Oliver, they were inseparable.

Harry deteriorated rapidly, he was very uncomfortable on his legs and was in some pain. In conjunction with our vets, we decided to treat Harry to rule out any recoverable health issues, he received treatment including pain relief.

Unfortunately there has been no improvement and so for his welfare, we had to let him go, he is now at rest.We are very upset, but grateful, Harry was’t an elderly pig, however selective breeding in factory farms has its toll, not least their enormous size puts a lot of pressure on their bodies and especially joints. Harry has had a couple of years with us living the high-life, a far cry from where he had been abandoned and left to die. RIP Harry.

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