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Pigeon Rescue

We admit all kinds of birds for treatment and rehabilitation into our hospital, we don’t discriminate, even pigeons which we love. Pigeons are very underestimated, they are so resilient, born survivors.

This chap had been attacked by a bird of prey, he has several injuries to his body as well as a ruptured crop, so he would be unable to feed and no doubt in pain.

A member of the public frightened off the bird of prey to “save the pigeon”. We would not recommend this, birds of prey have to eat other birds or mammals to survive, it’s their natural diet, if the bird is scared off, they then have too to go and kill another bird to survive and so two birds will suffer or the bird of prey starves. Only intervene if the prey has escaped and in need of rescue.

This chap is on pain relief as well as antibiotics as his wounds are infected. Yesterday he had an operation at Eastwood Vets4Pets to stitch his crop back together so that he can eat without his food spilling out of the rupture. Considering his ordeal, he is now very perky and we are hopeful of a full recovery.

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