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Four fox Cubs Rescued

A few weeks ago we took in 4 young fox cubs, they had been found cuddling their dead mother. Sadly it seems their mother had been killed.

This poor family was far too young to survive on their own, so we have taken them in. Initially they were on milk, we have now weaned them onto dog food. They have also been moved from our animal hospital, into a fox enclosure. Its important that we limit human intervention, so that they can become wild to prepare them for final release. Naturally they would be with their mother until September, so we have got these little chaps and lasses for a few months yet.

To rescue and release these, it will cost the charity around £1,000. We have already spend £200 preparing the fox enclosure, £50 on milk formula and they are getting through a large dog meat tin a day, this will increase to 2 in the coming days.

We are aiming to raise £1,000 for their upkeep, if you could possible make a donation, no matter how small, we would be very grateful, as would our little furry friends. Please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Watch for up dates, we’ll post some videos of them playing at night from our wildlife camera.




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