We rehome our first pig!

We get quite frustrated by the usual phone calls about pet pigs, but for once we received a call with a difference. Far too often we get calls from people who have bought piglets from a breeder, then several months later the pig is too large and destructive and they don’t want them any more and they end up at rescue centres like ours,  if only people did their homework!

Before rehoming any animal, we always ensure that the potential adopter is fully aware and capable of taking on the responsibility.

So back to the call, we want to rehome a pig we heard!, well Beth and I were amazed, we have never rehomed a pig yet, a week later and home checked, Penny is now living with Beetroot in a new home.

Penny herself was given up by her previous owner because she destroyed her lawn (it’s what pigs do). Penny was bought as a piglet from a breeder without a minutes thought given to her upkeep. We are so happy that Penny now has a loving home with a porcine friend.


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