2012 In Review

2012 was another challenging year for us, what with the appalling weather, a summer and winter of mud, but most of all, the sheer increasing number of calls to take in unwanted pets.


Unfortunately too many people treat pets as the disposable commodity, it is all too easy to get a pet without any checks, advice or neutering, then give it up.

As we are run solely by volunteers and therefore have limited time and funds, we can only take on so many animals, we cannot compromise the ones in our care by taking on too much. So generally its one out, one in, when we are full, we unfortunately have to say no.

Last year, we had to turn away 568 animals, more than any previous year. In fact we only rehomed 4 pigs, but turned away 101, we rehomed only 26 rabbits, but turned away 208.

Wild Animals

We rescued 228 wild animals, these included 6 birds of prey, 90 pigeons, 55 hedgehogs and 4 foxes.

Click Here – One of 3 Tawny Owls we released.

Click Here – A pigeon having a broken leg repaired

Click Here – A hedgehog being treated for balloon syndrome

Farm Animals

We rescued 594 farm animals, of these 428 were ex-egg laying chickens, 24 cockerels and took in 8 ponies and rehomed 8 goats.

Click Here – Read about Tommy the pig rescued from a butcher shop back yard

We do though have lots to celebrate, although we had to turn away 568 animals, we did care for nearly 900. We released animals back into the wild, which would have otherwise perished, we rehomed 100’s of animals into loving homes.

And for the rest, they receive sanctuary here, loved and looked after until they find forever homes.






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