Cow and Calf Rescue

We have this afternoon added Dee and her daughter Macy to one of our two rescue cow herds. Macy and Dee are rescued dairy cows. Dee is extremely lucky firstly to have been rescued and not sent for slaughter after no longer being commercially viable, but also very lucky to have kept her calf. Macy is Dee’s eighth calf and the first calf she has been allowed to keep. It is clear that they are absolutely inseparable.

They are both beautiful, friendly girls, Dee will never have to worry about being sent for slaughter and never have to feel the emotional pain and suffering she would have endured so many times before, after having her calf taken away from her at birth, so the milk intended for her calf can be harvested.

Dee and Macy now live in our 12 acre field with Billy, Herbie, Claudia and Tulip.

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