Another Busy Day

It’s been another truly long day with a production line of 5 castrates to do now we are having cold weather. With many of the animals here we have to wait for the colder weather to carry out these necessary ops due to the risk of fly strike.

It’s very sad that we usually get the call to take in animals when they have become a ‘problem’ for the owner. So often this is because the animal is unneutered and has become boisterous, full of hormones and ‘out of control’………many callers usually describe the ‘problem pet’ as ‘nasty’ and ‘vicious’ too!! We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve told people that neutering an animal in the first instance will usually help matters be it rabbits, cat, dog or whatever. Sadly by the time we get the call the owners have given up and other excuses surface.

These 2 testosterone filled boys had a big op today and have had to be contained in stables and both of them have damaged stable doors beyond repair!! Dexter the Texel ram was full of hormones and was charging at everyone and headbutting everything. If animals like Dexter and Colin are going to be kept as pets then neutering is a first priority.

All the animals are still in recovery from today and neutering large, older animals always carries dangers and risks.

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