Four Foxes Released

Posted by Jon in Animal Hospital, News, Rescued, Wild Mammals on Saturday 06/10/2018 20:31 +01:00.

You may remember that back in May we rescued 4 fox cubs. They had been found cuddling their dead mother. Had they not been found, they would have certainly perished.

The great news it that these four siblings have been successfully hand reared by us and are now wild, living in the countryside enjoying life.

Once they arrived cold and hungry, they lived in our animal hospital. Once they were eating solids and were large enough, they were moved into our large secure enclosure. there they they could explore, hide amongst the logs and hidey holes and be safe We fed them each night and minimised all humans contact to keep them wild.

Normally they leave their parents around September and find their own territory, so the time for us to prepare for release. At a secure, secret location, we set up a soft release pen which is camouflaged. Volunteers feed them every night for a week, before opening a release door. We then continue to feed them as they often often pop back at night for a bite to eat.

Good luck boys and girls, you are now free.

It costs around £1,000 to treat and rear these four fox cubs, these are just some of the hundreds of animal we treat each year. Our funds are low at the moment, if you could possible help us with a financial donation it would be massively appreciated. Please use the link below.

We are a voluntary charity, we can only continue this vital work with the generosity of you the public.

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