Rescued – Another 2 Wild Dartmoor Ponies Destined for Slaughter

Each year hundreds of Dartmoor ponies are sent for slaughter, either fed to lions and tigers in zoos or turned into pet food. Even though they are rarer than the great giant panda, they are sent to market in their hundreds and sold for only a few pounds, to the only buyers, the meat traders.

Each year we work with some fantastic people who rescue around a hundred annually. The lucky rescued ponies become pampered pets or go to rescue centres around the country, to a better future where they will be loved and cared for, not eaten.

To date we have now rescued 9 Dartmoor ponies. We spend hundreds of hours turning them from wild ponies, into beautiful tame ponies that are rehomed as pets in  life-long homes.

These two will be no exception, we have already started working on taming them, but it will be many months before they will be tame enough and ready to be castrated, wormed and ready for a new home.

Meet Joe and Charlie the new boys, they are very, very cute!



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