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Pheasant Rescue & Release

You may remember this little guy, a very late baby pheasant we had in in late September, who was the size of a walnut!! There wasn’t any other pheasants with our wildlife fosterers at that time, in fact there were no baby birds at all to put him with!! Baby pheasants of this size are very good at giving up on life without a mum or siblings.We needed to force feed him for several days and he spent a fair bit of time with his human mum nesting in her jumper, whilst she worked at her desk. Heat lamps are great but sometimes babies like this do better with human body temperature and the feel of a heart beat……….these things are learnt through years of experience. Anyway, he is now going through his first molt and living in his own private woodland. Big thanks to his new human mum who released him and provides him with a safe buffet every day which he is sharing with our previous releases. So pleased to see footage of this little fella back in the wild after a precarious start to life.

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