Piglet Rescue

What a different 14 days make, spot the difference!You may remember we took in Phoenix as an emergency case, he was rescued by Rescue in the woods, from a farm, saved from certain death. Due to our experience he came to us for his initial treatment.When rescued, Phoenix was under weight, he had injuries and in particular an abscess under one of his trotters. As well as feeding him every 2 hours, he’s been on antibiotics and his abscess was cleaned, treated and bandaged to keep it clean. Infection at this very early age can be very risky, particularly in an area where it could get further into the body. Thankfully the treatment and perseverance seems to have paid off.He as now up to a good weight and the treatment for his trotter completed and so he’s ready to be returned where Rescue in the wood will continue to rear him and provided a life-long sanctuary home.

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