Milo Goes to his New Home

Milo, a young male goat came to us in the Summer. As he was uncastrated, he initially had to be housed separate to our herd, we already have enough unwanted animals being given up! Like many animals, they are not content on their own, so we needed to get Milo castrated and with the herd as soon as we could.

As with all of our animals, Milo was health checked, he had his hooves trimmed, he was wormed and vaccinated then castrated. Milo then spend a further 4 weeks on his own, until he was no longer fertile and therefore could not get our girlies pregnant.

Finally the wait was worth it, before he was put with our herd awaiting a home, Milo went straight to a new fantastic home in Sheffield, where he now lives with several other goats and sheep.

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