A Review of 2016 – 1,007 Animals Rescued


A Review of 2016

In 2016 we have taken in 1,007 animals, therefore pets, farm animals and wild animals. We can only take in animals to rescue when we have the resources, the funds, the space and the time. This means that we sadly have to turn pets away almost every day of the week, in 2016 we turned away 669 pets. We even received calls on New years day to give up pets bought for Christmas!

In 2016, we took in 653 farm animals, 245 wild animals and 109 pets.

– In total we took in 1,007 animals.
– We re-homed 85 rabbits, and couldn’t accept a further 135!
– We re-homed 4 pigs, yet could’t take another 154!

Some nine years ago we moved to Brinsley and set up the Charity, since then we have steadily gained more experience and grown the Charity, rescuing more animals each year.

The sanctuary has expanded from 4 to 22 acres, we have built an animal hospital and each year rescued hundreds of animals of all descriptions, from many different situations.

A massive, massive thank you to everyone that has made this remarkable year possible. Thank you to our volunteers, our supporters and everyone who has donated to the charity or helped us in some way, we are deeply grateful. Without you, we could not have achieved so much and so many animals would not have been rescued.

January – Holly came to us as a sweet little piglet that we brought back from the brink of death. Only hours old, she was found in the middle of a road, cold, dehydrated and close to death, her umbilical cord still attached.

You wouldn’t believe this if you saw her now, she has a boyfriend and lives in the grounds of a stately home where she has destroyed her field! Holly you don’t know how lucky you are.



February – We took delivery of Vera, a 40 year old tractor and various implements. Now that we have 22 acres to manage, we simply couldn’t do this without time saving devices such as our trusted Tractor.


March – Ronnie gets a new home, as happy as a pig in mud! Ronnie was originally a stray, he was found in some woods and followed a dog walker home. He’s a luck boy.

In 2016, we re-homed only 4 pigs but had to turn away 154!


April – Our new cow crush arrives after working hard to raise the funds. We desperately needed a crush, so that we can safety contain, examine and treat our beautiful cows. They are far too big and strong to examine and for example to inject, they don’t know that we are just trying to help them.


May – Jerry gets a new home. In 2016, we re-homed 7 ponies and sadly had to turn away 12.


July – Jack and Stevie get a new hoe. In 2016, we re-homed 5 goats and unfortunately had to turn away 22.


August – Summer Open Day. We raise a massive £5,000. We need though to raise £1,000 every single week to pay for food, bedding, vets bills and the general running of the sanctuary.

October – Hand reared hare released back into the wild.


November – Rehabilitated Swan is released.



December – Minty finds a new loving home.


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