2014 – 1029 Animal Administered

2014 – 1,029 Animals

Since Brinsley Animal Rescue formed over 7 years ago, each year we have steadily grown.

We would like to thank all of our hard working volunteers and supporters, without which, these animals could not have been rescued. The Charity is run on good will and hard work, so thank you everyone who has contributed to a successful 2014.

In summary in 2013 we rescued;

  • 78 Pets
  • 199 Wild Animals
  • 752 Farm Animals

TOTAL = 1,029

Unwanted Pets

The situation with unwanted pets though is dire and continues to increase year on year. As we have limited resources of time, space and particularly money, we are only able to take in animals as the resources are made available by re-homing.

Unfortunately too many people buy their pets from breeders and pets shops, then call us when they change their mind or their circumstance change. But we cannot compromise the animals in our care by taking in too many.

In 2014 we had to turn away 553 animals.

  • We re-homed 39 rabbits , but had to turn away 114
  • We re-homed only 1 pig, but sadly turned away 103

We can only take on as many animals as our resources allow, we are a small charity with very limited resources.

We have a non destruct policy, we will never euthanasia a healthy animal, if we don’t find a home, we will provide permanent sanctuary.

Please help us continue to care for the animal we have and help us rescue more in 2014, please consider making a one off donation or a monthly standing order, please following the link below, we really need your help.


Without financial help, we could not rescue a single animal.

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