Woody is Re-Homed

Its sad to say goodbye to Woody as he leaves us for a new home, but really we are happy, he now has Acorn to keep him company.

Too many people don’t do their research before buying pigs as pets and they go to breeders, over looking those in rescue centres, then we get inundated with calls asking us to take them on.

Unfortunately we can only do so much, Woody is the first pig we have re-homed in two years, in that time we have had to turn away over 250. We can only take pigs in when we create space by re-homing.

Woody was found wandering the streets of Mansfield Woodhouse (hence his name), he was no doubt been abandoned by his previous owner. Woody is certainly happy now in a great new home.Woody8 Woody7 Woody5 Woody6

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