Hedgehog with a Broken jaw

Hedgehogs arrive with all kinds of life threatening issues, generally inflicted by man, anything from poisons to getting tangled in garden netting or attacked by dogs.

We don’t know the history behind this girl, but she arrived at our vets with a broken jaw, a condition certainly seen before and often fatal. In this case, our amazing vets Eastwood Vets4Pets carried out surgery. Under anesthetic, the jaw bone was realigned and held into position with a piece of thin tubing pinned into the jaw bone. She was then discharged into our care.

We were initially concerned, she didn’t eat or drink for a few days despite us administering powerful pain relief medication, so we gave her subcutaneous fluids to keep her hydrated. Every morning we checked, then finally her bowl was empty, you could feel the pressure lift!

She now empties her food bowl everyday, soon she will return to the vets to have the steel pins removed and shortly after its freedom for her. 

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