Gerard & Walter move to their new home

We rescued Gerard and Walter back in in 2008, today finally they were moved to their new home, where they will be loved and fussed over, for the rest of their natural life.

Pigs, when castrated and kept in pairs or groups, in suitable conditions, make fantastic pets. Pigs are highly intelligent, very sociable,  clean and surprisingly easy to look after. They do though need enough room to run around, have a dig and a warm dry pig pen lined with straw to sleep in.

We don’t rehome pigs very often, unfortunately too many people choose to buy piglets from breeders. When you rehome an animals from a rescue centre, not only are you creating room to allow another animal to be saved, but you know exactly what you are taking on, you can assess the behaviour and size of the animals. Young animals, especially when not cared for properly, quickly change from the cute baby you thought you purchased.

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