Funds needed – Can you help our Cows?

Please help Billy, Herbie and Boris?

We need to build a corral and cattle crush for our cows. They are all getting very large and when we have to treat them, such as worming, TB testing, hoof trimming or for emergency treatment, we need to be able to handle, inspect and treat them.

We’ll use food to tempt our boys into the corral, which will lead them into a cattle crush. The crush safely holds cows so that we can treat them safely.

As you can imagine, this needs to be pretty industrial stuff, particularly for Boris weighing in at a tonne and a half.

We need to raised £2,000 and have it all build for their annual TB test in April.

Funds are low at this time of the year, we don’t have many fund raisers over winter and we spend an awful lot on feed and bedding, we need your help.

Your donations, no matter how small will be very much appreciated. Please click on the link below, thank you.




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