Wandering Ronnie is Rescued

On Monday we were on the road all day dropping off animals to new homes and then on the way back picking up a stray piglet. It rained relentlessly and we were nothing short of exhausted when we got home!!

‘Ronnie’ as we have called him was dumped in some woods near Retford and then promptly followed a dog walker home. Luckily the dog walker took pity on him and made him a shelter in his garden and then tried to find someone who could help.

The situation with unwanted pigs is dire. We have calls almost every day about unwanted pigs. Piglets are very cute and the so called ‘micro pig’ craze just goes on and on with piglets still commanding prices of upto £600. When the pigs grow inevitably bigger we then get the calls of desperate people who haven’t done their homework, bought pigs on a whim and then are desperate to get rid!!

Invariably unwanted pigs have very little hope and are often dumped in woodlands, nature reserves and open fields. Finders of these pigs can ring round relentlessly with very little help available. It is very often small rescues like ourselves that have to go the extra mile to help. We run on a shoe string and are always hand to mouth financially yet here we are with an unwanted ‘micro-pig’ that probably cost some idiot hundreds of pounds and is now very frightened and residing in one of our stables. This little fella also needs castrating at a cost of approx £200 and lots of time and energy spending on him in order to make him a tiny bit less frightened of humans.


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