Meet Polly

Polly update – Polly arrived in a right state, she has been attacked probably by a dog, she had a deep infected wound to her neck and wounds on her back, the vets did not expect her to survive, she was also emaciated and had scabies.

The neck wound was cleaned, stitched up and she was put on antibiotics and pain relief and we treated her for scabies.

Weeks on her wounds have healed and she is one amazing ewe that we and all of our volunteers have fallen in love with, she is a real character, she follows us around making it hard to get our chores completed when she just wants a fuss.

With such trauma she is susceptible, she now has a skin issue, her skin is very dry causing her to scratch like crazy! A steroid injection has given her some relief, a skin scraping is being cultured so our vet can identify the route cause.

Our beautiful Polly has been offered a home, she will go to a new amazing home with two lambs we are hand rearing and that Polly is mothering.

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