Our New Cow Crush Arrives

A massive, massive thankyou to everyone who donated towards our cattle crush appeal!! We managed to raise the amount we needed to buy hurdles, a race arch, inspection gate and a yoke.

Many thanks to Buntings http://buntingsagriculturalsupplies.com too who were very kind in giving the charity a massive discount. When we actually measured our boy Boris we realised that he wouldn’t even fit in a standard crush so we had to opt for this set up which has proved the best option.

During a dress rehearsal with the calves Jon had to make a speedy retreat as both calves were eager to get into the crush from both ends!

We realise that many more people want to donate towards the cows appeal so fear not, we need to raise more money for stronger fencing and a new shelter before Winter hits us again………….a busy Summer ahead.

Big thanks from the cows and everyone at Brinsley Animal Rescue. Without the lovely fundraising efforts we would not be able to continue. Big thanks also to everyone who has bought from The Lovely Tails and Amanda who runs it as that has topped up the final pennies towards this appeal.


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