Too many rabbits in the world………..

Whilst ever there are unwanted animals in rescue centres there will never be any such thing as ‘responsible’ breeders.  Breeders make money and then rescue centres pick up the pieces and put things right. 13 rabbits came in yesterday from someone who had been breeding from them.  All need neutering and all need vaccinating before we will consider them as being ready for a new home. As a charity we spend more than £100 per rabbit so that’s over £1,300 needed for this little lot! People go to pet shops without a second thought and pick up rabbits very cheaply and then ring us when things go wrong. If people came to rescue centres in the first place they would get better advice from people that don’t do this for money, the rabbits would be sexed CORRECTLY and above all we make sure we do what is right for the rabbits.

All the rabbits that are above 4 months are booked in this week for neutering. After which they are vaccinated.  In the meantime all those that don’t have health issues are all looking for homes.











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