Laddie Rehomed

It might be the bank holiday for most but it’s been non stop at the rescue.

Yesterday we found a forever home for our beautiful ‘Laddie’. He’s a Dartmoor pony that has been with us for 2 years. In that time he’s learnt a lot. He came in unhandled and ungelded. His testosterone levels would often get in the way of his learning as he wanted to be near the mares more than being educated!
However, as ever, nothing is ever simple.

We had 3 short months to get him used to humans, load him into a horse box and take him to be gelded at a specialist equine hospital before the weather turned warm! We managed to get him used to horse boxes so well that he started to load himself onto them!!

He has now gone to live with a lovely little mare and he looks like he’s already settled in and loving his new life. Great news for Laddie.

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