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Swan Released

Amongst many jobs completed today, we released the male swan we took in last week. He came to us with a large fishing hook through his foot, this caused a lot of swelling and infection. This large boy has been with us for a week whilst on antibiotics, each day he has been getting stronger and stronger, so we were happy to release him today, after the final tussel this morning to give him the last of his tablets.

Over the years we have had numerous ducks, geese swans, birds and animals in with fishing line around them, hooks embedded into bodies or swallowed. We have also had several in with amputated limbs due to carelessly discarded fishing line.

This swan came from Osmonds Lake at Shipley Country Park, owned by Derby County Council, his partner also came to us a few years ago after swallowing a carelessly discarded fishing hook and line.

We believe that fishing on a wildlife lake should not be acceptable. Derby County Council contract this out to NCB Area 5 Fishing Club. If you feel strongly about this as we do, may be you would like to send a polite email to Derby Councty Council and the Fishing Club.

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