Barn Owl Released

Posted by Jon in Animal Hospital, News, Rescued, Wild Birds on Tuesday 06/08/2019 19:48 +01:00.

We took in a grounded Barn Owl chick some weeks ago which we have hand reared. Once he was eating food own his own, we moved him to our large aviary, as it’s essential to minimise human contact with wild animals. If they get too tame, this can seriously threaten their chances of survival or prevent us from releasing them.

This chap has been in an aviary for a three weeks now and flying as best he can in the space available, as well as finding his food. We have since opened the door to let him go of his own accord, he is now free.

The aviary wasn’t empty for very long, it has since been cleaned out, sterilised and now there lives a naughty little fox cub.

When we have sufficient funds we plan to build more of these multi use large aviaries, we just don’t have enough.

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