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Rescued Goose

On Sunday we were called to see if we could rescue a poor Canadian Goose at the Riverside Festival, he had collapsed amongst the crowds of people.

We soon caught him and put him into a goose bag to safely transport him back to our wildlife hospital, then just as we were leaving, the Festival security asked us to rescue a second goose, who was seen entangled in fishing wire. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, he could not be caught.

Goose No.1 was not in a good way, he was bedraelled, weak and could not walk without toppling over. His condition is serious and he needed the vets to explore further.

Well just look at the X-Rays. He’s been shot in the left wing and his left knee has been smashed and rehealed, its massively out of proportion compared to the right knee. The knee injury is old and possibly also caused by the idiot who shot him in the wing with a BB gun.

The prognosis isn’t massively in his favour, but three days on he is eating and drinking and gaining some strength.

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