Piggies Homed

These two female piggies are among the very few lucky ones, two of 5 that people have offered homes for this year. They came to us 18 months ago, another pair of unwanted pet pigs.It is not just general pets such as rabbits and cats that we received so many requests to take on, sadly it’s piggies too. This pair are 2 of only 5 homed in 2021, in the same time we have had to turn away 92 others. We have even received calls from people who have bought piglets from breeders during lock down, now back at work, they “don’t have the time”.Pigs are highly social, intelligent and clean animals, they make exceptional pets as long as you can provide for them. They need to be in pairs or groups, have plenty of space to dig and make mud baths, they require very strong fencing and shelter. Let’s hope we have more homes offered next year for the other 13 pigs in our care, some who have been here for over 6 years.

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