Tommy Rescued from the Butchers

Posted by Jon in News, Rescued on Monday 03/09/2012 22:20 +01:00.

We didn’t dare think about Tommy’s┬ádestiny, when we heard about his story, although we simply have no room, we just had to save him and take him in.

Trading Standards in Coventry were involved in Tommy’s rescue, this sweet, friendly chap was found living in squaller behind a butchers shop, living amongst rubbish.

He is now safe and will live a full and natural life. He’s not castrated, but will be soon and then ready for a new home, with other pigs to keep him company.

Tommy loves to have his belly rubbed and follows us and all of the other animals around, being very vocal in the┬áprocess. He can often been seen at Boris feet, Boris weights well over a tonne and is blind, Tommy doesn’t even reach his knees, but Tommy fears nothing.



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