2010 in Review – 791 Animals Rescued

Since we formed over three years ago, each year we have steadily grown and rescued  more animals eachyear. This year we have reached a peak, rescuing almost 800 animals, including pets, farm and wild animals.

In summary in 2010 we rescued;

  • 117 pets and re-homed 57 in life-long homes
  • 470 farm animals, including over 300 ex- battery chickens destined for slaughter
  • We rescued & re-homed 4 Dartmoor Ponies and 10 goats
  • 204 wild animals including 62 hedgehogs, 123 birds, a stoat, 2 bats, 4 swans
  • In total in took in 791 animals, of which 464 we re-homed or in the case of wild animals, released back into the wild

For the full statistics of all the animals we have treated in 2010, click on link below;


At the Sanctuary we still have over 150 animals including;

  • 10 Pigs
  • 3 ponies
  • 1 blind bull
  • 1 Sheep
  • 4 geese
  • 100 chickens + 12 Cockerels
  • 3 Guinea foul
  • 16 hedgehogs
  • 30 birds
  • 31 rabbits
  • 5 guinea pigs
  • 3 chinchilla
  • 7 mice

2010 Highlights

February – Chick Season

Dozens of baby birds came our way, many orphaned or had fallen from their nests. Each chick take hours of hand rearing and preparation before we can release them into the wild. These include pigeons, blackbirds, house martins, swifts and even a brood of mallard ducks.

In 2011 we need to build more aviaries, these are vital to rehabilitate birds prior to release.



March – 10 Hedgehogs Released

We finally released the overwintering hedgehogs back into the wild, where they were originally found. These hogs were too small to survive  hibernation. We had to keep them all winter in the warmth, cleaning them out and feeding them ever day.


April – We became a Registered Charity

After months of form filling in and agreeing policies and procedures, the Charity Commission registered BAR as a Charity.

May – Dartmoor Ponies Rescued from slaughter and re-homed

Each year hundreds of wild ponies are sold for meat and end up feeding zoo animals or used in pet food. We rescued 4  of 43 that were rescued around the UK.

We spent hundreds of hours training them, helping them become tame, we then vaccinated and neutered them.

All four are now in life-long loving homes, thankfully in two pairs. We keep in touch with their new keepers and love the stories of how they are settling into their new life.


In 2011 we hope to build more stables so that we can take on more large farm animals such as these beautiful ponies.

June – Baby Stoat Rescued, hand reared and released


July– Teddy the Ram rescued


August – Summer Open Day Raised Over £2000


Our open days have proved a great success and help us raise vital income.

In 2011 we are already planning a Summer open day for August 14.

September – 5 Goats Rescued and rehomed


In total we took in 10 goats, all were rehomed.

October – Swan Rescued and released

This is 1 of 4 swans we rescued in 2010, all but 1 were successfully released back into the wild where they belong.


November – Another 110 Ex-Battery Hens Rescued


December – Mico-Pig Rescued


Watch BBC1 in early January, our rescue will be featured on Inside Out.

Charity Shop Opens

Thanks to Colin we now have a charity shop raise funds for Air Ambulance and Brinsley Animal Rescue.



We could not possibly rescue this number of animals if is want for the kindness and generously of the people who donate funds to the Charity, who volunteer or who offer discounted or fee services.

We have to raise over £20,000 each year to do our vital work, so its a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us achieve this.

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