Expectations Shop

Expectations Shop on Butterley Hill in Ripley has over the past few years donated some of its profits to Brinsley Animal Rescue Charity (1135508). However, the Trustees of the Charity have on-going concerns, with the management and running of the shop and have finally decided to cease all relations. This follows a period where we have requested that Expectations be open and honest with the charity, with the public and the shops volunteers, something we feel they have failed to do.

Expectations is and has always has been a Company and not related to Brinsley Animal Rescue the Charity, however we are concerned that the Directors of Expectations has tried to portray themselves as a Charity shop, which they are not. Whilst Expectations has made some donations to Brinsley Animal Rescue, the Directors of Expectations pay themselves a salary and only a small proportion of the takings was donated to the Charity.

Despite repeated reassurances from the Directors, we feel that Expectations have failed to cease misleading the public and we cannot allow this to continue, therefore Brinsley Animal Recuse took the decision to break all ties and requested that the Directors remove any reference to the Charity immediately.

The Trustees have always acted in the best interest of the Charity and the public, we have been open and honest and hence why we cannot continue with this relationship. The Trustees have also regularly reported their concerned to the appropriate authorities, who have updated on our decision to break all ties.

The Charity would like to reiterate that it is the Directors who we believe has mislead the public and not the volunteers, in fact the Charity would like to thank the volunteers at the shop for their hard work and commitment.

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