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Street Collection 11th Oct 09

09 Oct 2009

This Sunday Nottingham Animal Rights will kindly be doing a street collection on behalf of Brinsley Animal Rescue in Nottingham city centre.  If you are able to spare some time or cash then please lend your support and find our supporters in St Petersgate.

Dougle & Bert Rehomed 3 October 09

03 Oct 2009

This pair of pigs are delightful. Dougle has a long mop of hair and Bert is short haired.  They both enjoy going out on the lawn and devouring the grass. We are unsure of the age of these 2 boys but would guess at 2-3 years old.  They are in need of a good home […]

Pippin rehomed 19 September

19 Sep 2009

Age : 1-2years  Breed : Aguti  Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: Will be Rescued: July 09 Pippin came in with a large number of rabbits.  He is a nice young boy.  Aguti (wild) coloured rabbits are so often overlooked as they look so ordinary but Pippin is a lovely little fella who really needs a female companion.

Erin Rehomed 14 Sept 09

14 Sep 2009

Erin found a great home with one of her brothers.  They will live together when he has been neutered.

Dusty Rehomed 14th Sept 09

14 Sep 2009

Dusty has been rehomed with his sister Erin.  When he is neutered he will be reunited with her

Baby guineas Rehomed 13 Sept

13 Sep 2009

This pair of guinea pigs have been rehomed with a loving family.  They were born at the rescue centre when we took in a pregnant sow.  They were adorable Abysinnian guinea pigs and loved to ‘popcorn’ (excited guinea pig jump) around the garden in the sunshine. We know they have gone to a great home […]

Lily and Ruby Rehomed

10 Sep 2009

Lily and Ruby went to a fabulous loving new home. They were a gorgeous pair of buns (mother and daughter) and I’m sure they will have a lot of fuss and attention.

Jasmine Rehomed Septeber 09

07 Sep 2009

Age : 2 months  Breed : Harlequin  Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued: July 09 Young Jasmine was born at the rescue centre when we took on a pregnant doe. Jasmine is a feisty little girl who has already learnt to nip in order to get her own way. Jasmine is always on the go like all her […]