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Meet Dexter

12 Nov 2018

Meet Dexter our retired Ram. This old boy had “served his purpose” as a breeding Ram and was no longer required, he was due to be killed. Dexter initially went to another rescue before coming to us a few weeks ago. He is very large and quite a boisterous old boy, but he does have […]

Another Busy Day

04 Nov 2018

It’s been another truly long day with a production line of 5 castrates to do now we are having cold weather. With many of the animals here we have to wait for the colder weather to carry out these necessary ops due to the risk of fly strike. It’s very sad that we usually get […]

Four Foxes Released

06 Oct 2018

You may remember that back in May we rescued 4 fox cubs. They had been found cuddling their dead mother. Had they not been found, they would have certainly perished. The great news it that these four siblings have been successfully hand reared by us and are now wild, living in the countryside enjoying life. […]

Bertie Arrives

02 Oct 2018

Meet Bertie, the new goat recruit. Berie is only a year old, he’s a Nubian castrated young man and looking for a life-long home where he can live with other goats. We have three goats looking for life-long homes.

Arabella and Harold Homed

03 Sep 2018

This weekend we said goodbye to two lovely goats Arabella and Harold, they went to a new home living with other goats as pets. Arabella was an unwanted pet, Harold had been dumped in a farmers field. You may remember from an earlier post, Harold came to us in poor condition, now he’s recovered and […]

Bob and Brenda Rehomed

25 Aug 2018

Our volunteers have mixed feelings saying goodbye to Bob and Brenda, two geese that have been with us to seven years now. Geese make great guard dogs, they are territorial and if you’re a stranger, beware of the loud honks and ankle nipping! Generally people are more frightened of geese than they are of dogs. […]

Mavis and Eric Rehomed

25 Aug 2018

Today we took Mavis and Eric to a great new home where they now live as pet sheep, with other sheep. Mavis and Eric first came to us as unwanted pets, we have since provided them with sanctuary. By rehoming allows us to create space for other to be rescued, this won’t be for long […]

Henry and Dixie Rehomed

24 Aug 2018

Henry and Dixie have only been with us for a couple of months, however they have thankfully already been rehomed.   This young couple now have a home in a massive open field, with five companion pigs, three of which have come from us in the past, Bertie, Truffles and Wally.   We have already […]

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