Rescued Dumped Rabbits

Whilst we are having to turn away rabbits every day of the week and unwanted rabbits are tossed out into the wild to fend for themselves, pet shops, garden centres, petting zoos and online sites are full of breeders selling unvaccinated, un-neutered rabbits for profit!

Tom arrived yesterday, he would have been the 300th rabbit we’d turned away since January, we have though managed to find room for this very sweet boy.

Tom is typical of human neglect and abuse, our throw away society, he was found dumped in a park, filthy with very overgrown claws and matted urine soaked fur. He is not castrated and no doubt not vaccinated, he also has severe dental issues, often caused by inbreeding.

It’s highly unlikely that Tom will be offered a home as he will need regular dental work. Since admission he’s already had a bath, nails clipped, fur clipped and soon he’ll be castrated and receive a dental.

He will live now at the sanctuary with other bunnies until he is offered a perfect home or passes of old age. We never euthanise a health animal, we offer life-long sanctuary.

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