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8 Fur Farm Rabbits Rescued

21 Aug 2022

We were part of the huge rescue mission that this weekend that managed to get over 200 rabbits out of the now closed Shut Down T&S Rabbits farm. These 8 girls were destined to become meat and their pelts used as fur. They have arrived with some health issues, we have already vaccinated them and […]

Meet Paddy

13 Aug 2022

Can you please help us cover the £1,000 it has cost us to rescue Paddy? Paddy is 20, he has spent almost his entire life with a cow, like cows, donkeys are herd animals and should always be with their own kind, Tulip his cow companion has been rescued too, she is now with one […]

Swan Rescue

10 Aug 2022

An elderly cob has just been admitted, brought to us by the RSPCA (England & Wales), he’s weak and a little subdued. Thankfully he started eating and drinking rehydration fluid, a good sign, fingers crossed.

Tawny Owl

09 Aug 2022

A Tawny owl chick we took in a few weeks ago has been successfully reared and now released. Once feeding himself, he was moved to an aviary in preparation for final release. We open the door but continue to leave food our for him until he stopped returning and found his own feet.

When Pigs Escape

19 Jul 2022

Have you bought tickets yest to see When Pigs Escape? The amazing documentary about Matilda who escaped a farm to save her babies and the massive efforts we took to rescue her, they are all now safe at Surge Sanctuary. Now see the story, Tickets only £10 Saturday 6 August–qa.php?fbclid=IwAR1YFNCorw4gExP0nNtyP-P1zLUHFkxag-yU_YxkkxQoNZ43jH2IVXzk5n8

Cow and Calf Rescue

19 Jul 2022

We have this afternoon added Dee and her daughter Macy to one of our two rescue cow herds. Macy and Dee are rescued dairy cows. Dee is extremely lucky firstly to have been rescued and not sent for slaughter after no longer being commercially viable, but also very lucky to have kept her calf. Macy […]


19 Jun 2022

These 9 ducklings were brought to us by the RSPCA, their mum was leading them across a road when she was killed, so sad however at least these were rounded up and brought to us. They are under a heat lamp in our hospital and so far 48 hours later all are doing well.

Tawny Owl

14 Jun 2022

This Tawny Owl chick arrived a couple of weeks ago and he’s doing well. When they first arrive, they see us as a threat and so won’t take food off us, so they need to be force fed to keep them alive. After a few feeds they start to readily take chopped up food from […]