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Swan Rescue

08 Jan 2022

This swans injuries look pretty severe, however although there has been a lot of blood loss, we are confident of a full recovery.He arrived Friday night after being found at the side of the road, whilst we were getting ready to go and collect, the Police thankfully brought him to us, not their usual Friday […]

Rabbit Rescue

08 Jan 2022

Meet 1 of today’s emergencies who we’ve called Jasmine. Yes, that is a broken leg but also a broken leg that has been left untreated and has set in the worst possible way. Not only that but Jasmine was also dumped at the side of the road. It’s unbelievable the sheer amount of cruelty cases […]

Kitten Rescue

07 Jan 2022

This was yesterday’s little emergency. As much as we get up every morning and have a plan in our head for the day it generally goes to pot because we have come to expect the unexpected and we have to spring into action. These kittens are blind and were found stumbling round aimlessly on an […]

Badger Released

06 Jan 2022

The badger we took in via Mid Derbyshire Badger Group has been successfully released back to where he was found. As they are nocturnal, its important that this is done at nighttime whilst they are active.

Piggies Homed

27 Dec 2021

These two female piggies are among the very few lucky ones, two of 5 that people have offered homes for this year. They came to us 18 months ago, another pair of unwanted pet pigs.It is not just general pets such as rabbits and cats that we received so many requests to take on, sadly […]

Mum and Kittens

14 Dec 2021

The mum & kittens we took in a few weeks ago are all doing great, Mum has been vaccinated, chipped, wormed and most importantly neutered to prevent more cats adding to the massive over population. Mum was found in a car park, she had given birth to her litter under a car, one kitten was […]

Pheasant Rescue & Release

13 Dec 2021

You may remember this little guy, a very late baby pheasant we had in in late September, who was the size of a walnut!! There wasn’t any other pheasants with our wildlife fosterers at that time, in fact there were no baby birds at all to put him with!! Baby pheasants of this size are […]

Aero Rehomed

27 Nov 2021

That little pony bottom in a horse trailer is Aeros!! He has been reserved to go to an amazing new home so the fabulous Claire has been practicing loading him for the journey. He’s now such a pro (or so keen to go and meet his new friends) that he’s started loading himself. Loading horses […]