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Fox Cub Rescue

22 May 2022

Today has been super busy, but so is every day here.As well as several birds being admitted, we went out to rescue this fox cub, trapped in garden plastic clutter. The cub had got his head well and truly stuck inside a plastic globe in a garden.Thankfully we had volunteers at hand to collect the […]

Swan Rescue

21 May 2022

Another accident caused by the sheer carelessness of fishing! If not outlawed then perhaps the license fee of this ‘hobby’ should go towards the veterinary costs of wildlife casualties we regularly see!!This swan had this 3 pronged hook deeply embedded into the muscle of her wing. There was no way we could safely remove it […]

Meet Cilla and Dusty

19 May 2022

Today we rehomed Primrose to an amazing home where we just know she’ll be so happy. When we rescued her, she was a solitary pig, living in what can only be described as a building site full of debris and no grass. Primrose now lives in a huge field with three other piggies, she’s a […]

Baby Vole

19 May 2022

Talk about all creatures great and small, yesterday we were shearing sheep, today we took in these five voles after their nest was accidentally disturbed by a digger and unfortunately their mother was killed.It is very hands-on feeding them every hour for the next few weeks, thankfully we have a volunteer step forward, we wish […]


18 May 2022

We were contacted by a company that had repossessed a house and evicted the owners, who had left thier pets behind. There were hens, a pet pig and 6 pygmy goats all living in a building that can only be described as a building site.We were caring for them a few days until we had […]


16 May 2022

This is the time of year when we have lots of wildlife especially young birds, fox cubs, hedgehogs etc.Much has come to us for good reason such as these goslings that came separately, having been observed as for sometime and confirmed separated from their parents. Unfortunately with good intentions, lots of people pick up wildlife […]

Disabled Lamb

05 May 2022

Meet little Clover, one of several animals admitted last weekend.Clover is less than 3 weeks old, shortly after birth she could not walk, we have very limited history as to what has caused the issue. She has been assessed by our farm vets and is now, as well as being bottle fed regularly, she is […]


23 Apr 2022

We’ve taken in 2 ewes and a goat today, they are settling in with our herd of sheep. We will be looking for life-long homes for them, particularly the goat who is on her one, she needs to live with other goats. Whilst they can live and get on with sheep, they are a herd […]