Its getting a little late in the season for juvenile hogs but still time for them to grow ready for hibernation. This trio though were found alone, the nest had possibly been disturbed. They arrived cold and have lost weight, they were in real danger and would not have survived another night.

If you ever find wildlife in need of help, the most critical and life saving action you can take is offer heat, offer a hot water bottle, even a pop bottle full of warm water. However NEVER force water or food onto any animal. Wildlife will die very quickly if you get water into thier lungs by putting water on birds beaks or squirting into a mouth, they can also suffer if fed the incorrect food. They won’t die quickly through lack of food or water, they will though if cold.

They were too cold for us to initially treat, but once in an incubator for a few hours they had livened up and what a mes they made, this is only a few minutes after feeding!

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