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Mary the Ewe

This weekend has been quite busy, we rehomed two Pygmy Goats, unfortunately though two sheep came in.

This poor girl is Mary, her owners made contact the day they were moving house, desperately needing a home for poor Mary.

Although we were reluctant to take on any more sheep, as we now have 2 rams and 6 ewes, how could we let her down!

When safely at the sanctuary, we managed to cut off some of the worst of her coat, to cut out the matted  mess from around her back end, where she could have easily got fly strike. Then after a once over, we united her with our flock where she is now settling in.

Once she has settled in a while, we will sheer, vaccinate and worm her as well as tend to her feet.


Mary bonding with Badger, they have just met.

Mary meet the flock.

Shaunie runs over to meet his new girl.


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