Meet Horace and Roland – The Cruelty Case Rescued Pigs

Until now, these two guys have lived an appalling life, they are extremely obese and have lived in a small and very muddy garden.

These castrated male Kune Kune pigs  are so obese that they can barely move, its very likely that they have been fed too much of an inappropriate diet and not had space to exercise and enact normal pig behaviour. All too often people feed commercial pig food to their pets, although cheaper than pet pig food, it is very high in protein and formulated to get pigs fat for slaughter. Pet pigs need a much better diet, one for long term health, to stop them from becoming so fat. Horace and Roland are now on a very strict diet.

They are very friendly, we hope that once they have lost weight, have been wormed and treated for lice they will be ready to look for a permanent life-long, loving home, where they deserve to be treated better than the life they were once use to.



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