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Hedgehog Crazy!

It’s gone baby hedgehog crazy!!!

Over the past week we have had endless calls about teenage size hedgehogs getting into difficulty. Most have come in dehydrated and on Friday night we had 3 in with maggots crawling all over them. Unfortunately we had to put 2 to sleep but with this little man we managed to flush them out, give him pain relief and fluids and within a few hours he had his snout in the food bowl!

We released quite a few of our hogs last week after the rain showers but now we are fuller than ever!! Last night we had another youngster in that came from Yorkshire after a spectator of the Tour de France picked him up whilst over there. Needless to say he is going back to Yorkshire as we can’t understand his accent.

Unfortunately though as we are volunteers who also work for a living, we can only cope with so much wildlife and have to turn away animals every day.

If you are experienced with wildlife rehabilitation and can help with the burden, please let us know.

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