Buddy Arrives at the Rescue

Meet Buddy

This old boy Kune Kune piggy is now Kiwi’s boyfriend, they have met and so far it’s looking good, could it be love?

Pigs are highly sociable creatures and like many other pets, should not be kept on their own and so he is a perfect mate for our single lady Kiwi, who we rescued late last year.

In his former life, Buddy was a breeding stud, now aging he was surplus to requirements and no longer required. To us he’s a beautiful piggy that needs a friend and now that he’s castrated he won’t bring more piggies into this world, a world where there are already too many pigs without homes.

Kiwi and Buddy, the happy couple are now looking for a forever home where they can spend their honeymoon and the rest of their natural lives together,

Kiwi and Buddy are two of 8 pigs we have that are currently looking for homes.

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