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Another Stray Cat

Posted by Jon in Cats, News, Rescued on Saturday 06/11/2021 22:22 +01:00.

We admitted this stray cat this week, although we are full and turning away requests to take in more cats every day, we just felt we needed to help this poor girl. A guy had been feeding her, she is all skin and bones, he caught her and took her straight to our vets. After an examination and blood tests, she was kept in overnight, she has now been released and put into foster care but will require further treatment. This beautiful girl has a sky high white blood cell count and probably has an overactive thyroid. She’ll be back at the vets next week for further tests and treatment. Unfortunately she is not microchipped so the owner cannot be traced.The number of stray, abandoned and unwanted pets has increased substantially since the end of lock-down, we are receiving so many calls from people who are now back at work and “don’t have time” for their pets, bought during lock-down, some of these unwanted pets are now being dumped.This week we have taken in 3 dumped rabbits and this stray cat. To date this year we have now turned away over 1,000 animals, including 111 cats as we are full, we can only admit when we home the ones in our care.

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