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Hedeghogs Released

In recent weeks we had been releasing hedgehogs but then due to unseasonably hot weather with no rainfall we stopped again! One of our hibernating hedgehogs also only woke up last week and even then needed a little encouragement to venture out of a very large, warm nest! Thank goodness we now have some rainfall forecast so in the next couple of days we have 5 more over-winterers finally striding off into the sunset to hopefully find love and freedom.

3 very lucky hedgehogs have been given a very private home at a SSSI site in Nottinghamshire thanks to a kind landowner. We had a great night with a very young volunteer trekking through fields and undergrowth to release some of our rescued hogs.

Back in the 1950’s there was estimated to be 30 million hedgehogs in the U.K and now it’s estimated there is only 1 million. Very proud of our dedicated volunteers who are really making a difference to try and protect our native, endangered wildlife.


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