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Piggies Homed

27 Dec 2021

These two female piggies are among the very few lucky ones, two of 5 that people have offered homes for this year. They came to us 18 months ago, another pair of unwanted pet pigs.It is not just general pets such as rabbits and cats that we received so many requests to take on, sadly […]

Mum and Kittens

14 Dec 2021

The mum & kittens we took in a few weeks ago are all doing great, Mum has been vaccinated, chipped, wormed and most importantly neutered to prevent more cats adding to the massive over population. Mum was found in a car park, she had given birth to her litter under a car, one kitten was […]

Pheasant Rescue & Release

13 Dec 2021

You may remember this little guy, a very late baby pheasant we had in in late September, who was the size of a walnut!! There wasn’t any other pheasants with our wildlife fosterers at that time, in fact there were no baby birds at all to put him with!! Baby pheasants of this size are […]

Aero Rehomed

27 Nov 2021

That little pony bottom in a horse trailer is Aeros!! He has been reserved to go to an amazing new home so the fabulous Claire has been practicing loading him for the journey. He’s now such a pro (or so keen to go and meet his new friends) that he’s started loading himself. Loading horses […]

Fox Rescue

17 Nov 2021

We took a call yesterday afternoon from a school that had managed to catch a fox with a bad case of mange. Amazingly the brilliant staff and pupils had managed to trap the poorly fox in a corridor in the school and even fed the hungry little guy before we got there to pick him […]

Barry and Barney

07 Nov 2021

Meet Barry and Barney, two 6 year old rescued pygmy goats we have recently admitted, these castrated boys are now looking for a life-long home.Goats need a large grassed area, free of poisonous plants with secure fencing and shelter to get out of the weather. They require hay and clean water at all times and […]

Another Stray Cat

06 Nov 2021

We admitted this stray cat this week, although we are full and turning away requests to take in more cats every day, we just felt we needed to help this poor girl. A guy had been feeding her, she is all skin and bones, he caught her and took her straight to our vets. After […]

Swan Rescue

18 Oct 2021

We have taken in a record number of swans this year with illnesses and many injuries. We have three in our care at the moment, including this young adult that we collected this afternoon. The swan was found struggling to move around, the callers had been trying for several hours to get help, fortunately we […]