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A Review of 2015

31 Dec 2015

Since Beth and I (Jon) moved to Brinsley and set up the sanctuary some eight years ago, we have steadily grown each year. The sanctuary has expanded from 4 to 22 acres, we have built an animal hospital and each year rescued hundreds of animals of all descriptions, from many different situations. 2015 has been […]

Annabell make a full Recovery

24 Dec 2015

  A few weeks ago Annabelle was in our hospital living in a harness with a double leg fracture. A few weeks on and lots of perseverance and Annabelle decided she was going to walk unaided for Christmas. Farm animal are selectively bred by man to produce ever cheaper food, this is at the detriment […]

Rescued Piglet

24 Dec 2015

This newly born piglet was found abandoned and defenceless; she would not have survived more than a few more hours without her mother. The people who found her contacted a nearby farm where she no doubt came from, they were told to “throw it in the ditch”, luckily they cared, they kept her warm and brought […]

Sponsorship Packs – Make Great Christmas Presents

12 Dec 2015

Why not buy a sponsorship pack as a present? In doing so you’re helping us raise vital funds to care for our animals such as vet bills, bedding and food. The sponsorship packs are £20 each ( including postage and packaging), you’ll receive a certificate of sponsorship, a keyring with photo insert, a larger photo, […]

200 Hens rescued from Slaughter

01 Dec 2015

This week we have rescued a further 200 barn hens from a commercial farm.  These hens would have otherwise been killed for pet food or cheap pies. Egg laying hens have a bleak life, as soon as they lay eggs around 16 weeks, they are confined into overcrowded cages, with little of their natural environment. […]