Mr Kune Kune Pig

Meet, well, he’s only been with us a few hours so we are still considering a suitable name, could it be Coconut or should it be Desmond, what do you think?

Anyway Mr. Kune Kune pig was found wandering around a housing estate, made his way into someones back garden and made himself at home as though he was moving in! He couldn’t stay there, so we have offered to take him in.

We don’t know his past, we only know that he is not castrated and so most likely has been on his own, possibly he’s even been turfed out by the previous owner.

We hear about too many stray pigs, often people let them loss when they decide they no longer want their pets and all of the sanctuaries are full. We have rehomed six pigs this year and in the period, turned away a further 70 as we are full. We’ve only been able to take in Mr Kune Kune as Colin was rehome a couple of weeks ago.

Once this chap has settled in and no owner has come forward, we’ll get him castrated, once no longer fertile (8 weeks following castration), we can pair him up with Kiwi or Betty, two of our single girls looking for a husband.


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