Field Maintenance

Running the sanctuary requires many different skill sets. These skills aren’t just limited to caring for the many types of animals we rescue, we need to administer the charity, fund raise and there’s also lots and lots of maintenance and repair activities to keep on top of, not least land management. This place certainly keeps us busy (as well as working full-time).
This weekend we have been rolling the fields, to repair the damage caused by our cows. Also we have started muck spreading to feed the grass.
Its seems absolutely incredible that the land is dry enough to do this work, we have never been able to do this in January! Our seasons are so varied and changing rapidly, this time last year our larger 12 acre field was flooded and knee deep in mud, now is dry enough to roll!
The charity has an Environmental Policy, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment. As well as recycling as much waste as we can, we composted our animal waste. After breaking down over a couple of years, this great compost is spread to fertilise the fields.
We aim to be organic, we do not use any chemicals, oil based pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides.

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